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Live Workshops

Feel the energy of a Succeed On Purpose live workshop! Find out when we’ll be in your area or come visit us to get face-to-face training. It will be an experience you’ll never forget with lasting results!

MEANINGFUL MONEY WORKSHOP: Live your Life Filled with Meaningful Work & Financial Success!
Registration Fee: $149

Find your true calling, and create a plan to reinvent your career to do meaningful work.

button1 Watch the video to find out what graduates are saying about how Meaningful Money Workshop changed their lives!


  • Learn what meaningful work looks like
  • Learn how to find meaningful work
  • Develop dozens of ideas for how you can be financially successful while doing meaningful work
  • Learn how to overcome fear and limitations
  • Create a plan to move towards a life of professional meaning and abundance

Upcoming Dates:

Oahu, HI – March 24, 2017

Tampa, FL – May 19, 2017

San Diego, CA – June 23, 2017

Colorado Springs, CO – July 28, 2017

Philadelphia, PA – August 25, 2017


logo-button Next Meaningful Money Workshop is October 21, 2016

CAREER TRANSFORMATION WORKSHOP: Find a meaningful career based on your Purpose & Persona!
Registration Fee: $299

Create the Career Path you have always dreamed of by learning how to use your unique gifts and purpose!

button_careerIn the CAREER TRANSFORMATION WORKSHOP, you will:

  • Find meaningful work in 120 days or less or we will refund your tuition
  • Reinvent your professional brand, based on your unique strengths, passions and gifts
  • Rekindle your confidence, desire, passion and personal power

Career Transformation Workshop has generated amazing results:

  • 53% of graduates found meaningful work in 90 days or less
  • 74% of graduates found meaningful work in 120 days or less

logo-button Next Career Transformation Workshop is Novenber 4-5, 2016

BUSINESS LAUNCH WORKSHOP: Start your own business, be your own boss!
Registration Fee: $399

Learn the fundamentals to launch and grow your purposeful small business to success and profitability!

button_businessIn the BUSINESS LAUNCH WORKSHOP, you will:

  • Learn to take your entrepreneurial business to new heights and propel your income to more than $5k per month in less than 120 days! (Guaranteed!)
  • Develop your target market, then package and price your offering to make it engaging and easy to buy.
  • Brand yourself in a way that inspires prospects.
  • Generate leads and sell authentically to win more business!

Watch the video to find out what graduates are saying about how BUSINESS LAUNCH changed their lives!

logo-button Next Business Launch Workshop is December 2-3, 2016

SHARE AFFAIR: Power Networking & Meaningful Business Opportunities!
Registration Fee: $29

Join us for a fun and relaxed atmosphere, designed with YOU in mind.

shareaffairweb-02 At SHARE AFFAIR, you will:

  • Find new business prospects, contract work positions, or passionate talent to fill a role in your company
  • Interact with a comprehensive business community to share ideas, knowledge, business leads and resources
  • Network with other purpose-driven professionals like yourself

logo-buttonNext Share Affair is September 29, 2016!