Auto Affirmations

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Succeed On Purpose – Everything Happens for A Reason

Based on Terri Maxwell’s life story, this book parallels the life of a young girl given up for adoption. She faces traumatic abuse, and childhood adversity, and uses those struggles as lessons for a life lived ON PURPOSE. Learn how to use life’s challenges to uncover your life purpose.

Cost: $14.95


The New World of Work – From the Cube to the Cloud

In today’s workplace, work has been fractionalized, careers have been virtualized, and talent has become globalized. If you’ve been struggling to find work, or find it difficult to secure the best talent for your company, this book gives you the map to a brave new world where work is truly a marketplace.

Cost: $24.95


Spiritual Confidence – Finding Power Within

If you’re ready to have your potential unleashed, and if you want to finally experience RESULTS rather than just be inspired… Join Terri on this transformational journey.
Cost: $9.99

Auto Affirmations

Auto Affirmations are small cards imprinted with motivational messages that attach to your dashboard to inspire and motivate you during rush hour.