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Meet Devon, her purpose is to “Empower Change”

After completing the Succeed On Purpose Discovery Program, Philadelphia college student Devon D’Andrea believes every high school student should take the course. As she explains, “When I was in prep school everything was so focused on getting into college, not necessarily finding the right major. Going into the program I was afraid I’d find out I’m not on the right path, in the right college or studying the right area. These are big questions a lot of people in college are asking these days.”

The program validated that she was on the right path in pursuing a career as a psychiatrist and helped her see how this career had much deeper meaning. “It was like I found my identity, which was really powerful for me. However, I am a chronic sufferer of trying to find the answer (or solve a problem), instead of finding the path. Through the program, I learned that it’s better to take baby steps and find the path, which has already helped me in many situations that have culminated in my life.”

Toward the end of the Discovery Program, Devon also learned how to set intentions for herself. So, she set intentions oriented toward how she wants to be valued wherever she works and fulfill her purpose to Empower Change.

“I can start working on those intentions of feeling valued now as a college student and in the future as a doctor. It’s really powerful that you can have those intentions and start working toward your goals now, instead of putting them on the back burner. The program really gives you an alignment of mind, body and spirit toward what you want out of your career,” Devon says.

Meet Karen, her purpose is to “Restore Value”

Karen Markle worked for a Medicare Advantage HMO for 10 years in a satellite office in California. Life events such as marriage, children, military service and divorce had prevented her from pursuing her initial dream of becoming a doctor and completing her MBA. Finally, she achieved one of these goals and completed her MBA, but she soon realized this was simply a stepping stone in her life journey. She was unhappy in her current job and knew that it was not what she was meant to be doing.

In 2016, as a single parent of five she took a leap of faith and made the brave choice to leave California with her children and relocate to Texas. Even though she didn’t have a job or a home lined up, she somehow knew she made the right decision. She admits it was fear that held her back in life up until this point.

Within a month of arriving in Texas, she had landed a job in marketing and became a first-time homeowner. She had never worked in marketing and it wasn’t her dream job, but it was a job. “I had just moved to Texas, didn’t know anyone, bought a house, and took the first job that came along. Months went by, and God kept telling me, ‘You need to leave this job.’”

Then in January 2017, she attended a networking event where she met Terri Maxwell, the event’s guest speaker. “What bit of her story she shared, pierced my heart. Meeting her was a God encounter,” Karen says. Not long after, Karen was let go from her job. This was the moment she became ready for more, and she reached out to Terri to mentor her. “Although I found myself without a job, it felt like so much weight had been taken off my shoulders. I loved the people I worked with, but I wasn’t happy.”

Always on the quest for more, Karen participated in Succeed On Purpose’s Discovery Program and the Pure Confidence Program. Karen says the courses clarified a path for her to speed up the process of transformation. “I was ready,” she says, “You have to embrace the process. The tools mean nothing if you are unwilling to make the change.”

As a child, Karen had visions of becoming a doctor but life got in the way. Through the programs, Karen discovered her true life purpose, which is to restore value. “I realized I wasn’t supposed to be a medical doctor. I am supposed to bring healing in other ways.” Karen is now focused on writing (her true passion) and facilitating guided senior autobiographies. “I have always been the type of person who speaks from the heart. I want to be uplifting to people and tell them what they need to hear. I AM healing people through my writing workshop.”

Karen says she will continue to use the skills she learned in the programs to better herself. “This is still new to me. The Discovery Program and the Pure Confidence Program set me on fire! By participating in these two programs, I was given the permission to be who I am. I still struggle with doubts, but I’ve made the mind shift change. I know who I am now. This is me,” Karen says.

Meet Tino, he grew his business thanks to one-on-one coaching

In April of 2014, Tino Contreras decided he was tired of waiting around for his business to grow. Tino is the founder and owner of Ideal Resurfacing, a bathroom and countertop resurfacing and restoration firm based out of Grand Prairie, Texas.

Tino was introduced to Succeed On Purpose, and decided to take the leap and request one-on-one business coaching sessions with Terri Maxwell. These insightful and customized coaching sessions opened new realms of knowledge for Tino and provided him with the tools he needed to make a significant positive impact on his business.

Since he began his coaching sessions with Succeed On Purpose, Tino’s business has begun to thrive. He credits his business success to concepts he was coached on, such as the whole business funnel, the importance of post job follow-ups, good customer relations and the importance of cultivating lasting relationships with his clients.

Tino’s business earned $76,750 in 2014, $118,159 in 2015 and $166,735 in 2016. After his business began to grow, he was then able to venture into expanding his business by adding new services as well.

Formerly, he was playing small by sticking to residential jobs, but in 2017, due to the knowledge and guidance he gained from business coaching with Terri, he landed a $30,000 job with Marriott. This deal has further sparked Tino’s drive and ambition to achieve even more success within his business.

Tino has since requested additional coaching with Succeed On Purpose, so that we may continue to help him grow and scale his business.

Terri is an excellent business coach. My business has doubled in revenue as a direct result of her services. Me and my family are truly blessed to have found her.”

Meet Jeremy, his career persona is “Builder”

When Jeremy Gregg decided he was ready for a career shift, he knew there was one place to go. He reached out to Succeed On Purpose and worked with Terri Maxwell as a one-on-one coach, focused on elements of the Discovery Program and Business Launch.

With Terri’s guidance, Jeremy realized his Career Persona was a Builder, and that he was naturally suited to start his own business, rather than pursuing another full time position or purchasing a franchise. He was able to take what he had years of experience doing, fundraising for non-profits, and turn it into a business using his natural gifts for building. Now, he has a business that he is passionate about that is also providing financial rewards.

Jeremy made the transition from employee to entrepreneur in 2015 by initially replacing his income doing contract work for non-profits. Terri worked with him to develop a strategy to quickly grow revenue, and in 2016 he launched Gregg Partners as a DBA focused on grant writing. Each year, Jeremy has been able to double his revenue and now has a team working alongside him.

“Thanks to Succeed On Purpose, my company now strengthens over a dozen nonprofits each month. Collectively these organizations reach over 250,000 people around the world… an impact that may not have materialized without Terri’s encouragement, support and guidance.”

Gregg Partners is a consulting firm that seeks to help the world’s best non-profits raise money to deliver their mission through communications and charitable fundraising.

Greg Zarbo

Meet Greg, his purpose is to “Ensure Better Quality of Life”

Greg Zarbo attended the Career Transformation workshop that was co-sponsored by Career Connections in October 2013. Shortly after the workshop he developed his purpose statement; “I am gifted at ensuring people I work with have a better quality of life, it’s who I am, it’s what I do.” When he prepared for interviews he practiced the delivery of his purpose statement until he felt like he could present his purpose in a confident, conversational style. He was solving problems in his new work for the first few weeks but quickly discovered that his career persona is to be a doer. Greg loves to be known as the “go to guy.” Just give him a list, set him in the right direction, and he will work tirelessly to get the job done.

Greg now works as the Site Director with LifeNet Behavioral Health Care at the Bridge homeless shelter. He supervises nine staff members, five of them have clinical backgrounds in behavioral health and four perform various support functions. As the director, he is the liaison with the shelter staff at the Bridge and coordinates behavior health care for the homeless shelter population. When directing staff or helping the shelter guests, he strives to accomplish the essence of his purpose statement, “ensuring people I work with have a better quality of life.” Greg says, “The task of the moment does not change my basic principles that govern my actions daily.”

Greg firmly believes that, “Knowing what you love to do is so much more important than just getting another job. Waiting for the ‘right offer’ can be so frustrating, but when you find the right fit, you’ll know it, you’ll feel it. When you finally accept the position you will know in your heart, it was worth the wait.”


Meet Nancy, her purpose is to “Make A Difference”

Congratulations to Nancy Carden, who just landed a very exciting full-time job with Accenture, doing meaningful work on her purpose! As one of the very first people to go through the “Career Transformation” pilot, Nancy credits the Succeed On Purpose programs with helping her tighten the target of her career search.

“The Purpose Workshop and Career Transformation programs helped me to realize that I should focus my job search not just on what I do well, but what I really enjoy doing.

 After going through two layoffs in two years, I realized that I have my own expectations and standards for where I want to spend my working effort. The Succeed On Purpose programs helped me recognize that my journey wasn’t just about finding a job that I could do well…I know I can add value anywhere I work. Instead, I needed to focus on what I am passionate about, because that is where I can add the most value. I enjoy working with people and Making a Difference by solving problems — within projects, for co-workers and for our customers. My new position will give me the opportunity to do exactly that.

 Most important, I now feel confident in my future. I know that this is the right place for me to be right now, but even if I eventually part company with Accenture, I feel equipped to figure out what the next right door is for me!”

At Succeed On Purpose, Nancy’s success is the whole reason we do what we do. We want to empower people to move forward in their careers with purpose and passion. We are so very excited about Nancy’s triumph, and look forward to hearing many more success stories from our students!


Meet Rob, his purpose is to “Unleash Potential within Individuals and Teams”

The word “unleash” resonated with Rob Britten while writing his purpose statement during the Career Transformation Workshop hosted by Career Connection. He quickly realized that in terms of his career he wasn’t in a place where his purpose was being fulfilled. This discovery impacted his approach to job searching, when he decided to focus on the perfect fit and not just another job. Britten recognized that his efforts needed to now be focused on understanding his passion and allowing that to be the driver for his next career choice. In the workshop, he also learned his career persona, builder-solver, that helped him to understand the kind of companies he should be targeting.

After the workshop, Britten says that utilizing what he learned about the Career Diamond helped him to organize and articulate his gifts, strengths and passions and pull them together in a compelling way, in conjunction with his purpose. This helped to increase his confidence level and he became more passionate and excited in attitude. He spent less time behind the computer and more time focusing on networking and landing a career position that “lit him up.”

It was important to Britten to be a part of a company that had a culture he felt really connected to. Britten loves technology, new technology and learning, but even more than that he is passionate about people and teams. When he sat down with interviewers they could sense his passion and excitement when he articulated this powerful combination. He even left interviewers with a memorable idea that he is bilingual— he speaks technology and human. It must have resonated with the interviewers because within two days he had two offers.

This gave him the opportunity to sit and make a decision. Britten chose to accept a role as the IT Infrastructure Manager, Enterprise Systems Administration. This role fits perfectly with his purpose and persona because he is a leader of the team that handles the IT infrastructure for BenefitMall.

Britten encourages job seekers to, “Understand who they are, where they fit, articulate it effectively and then go after it. True happiness and success begins with self-awareness.”


Meet Keith, his purpose is to “Encourage Transformation”

Keith Evans discovered his purpose at a Career Transformation Workshop and is now living his purpose everyday through his new position as the Customer Service Manager at Train Dynamic Systems, a Division of New York Air Brake. Discovering his purpose to “Encourage Transformation” was crucial to Keith’s job search when he was asked for a two-page written interview. He was able to craft a message in writing that showed more enthusiasm and passion than previous attempts. The passion he was able to express set him apart from the crowd and landed him a face-to-face interview.

Keith also discovered his Solver-Builder Career Persona at the workshop. This helped him to realize who he was as a worker and what type of environments he would flourish in. It also helped him focus his search on a target market, which opened up more specific opportunities for him that would match his purpose. Keith realized during the face-to-face interview that the job was truly suited to him when discussion rose about issues concerning where the company was going and how they would be developing and transforming roles. He was able to express his genuine passion in those areas, which empowered him to be bolder about expressing his purpose, gifts and strengths. After the interview, everything moved very quickly, and Keith was even able to negotiate price points.

Keith says that, “Anyone thinking about attending the workshop absolutely should if you want to have more fun and be more interested in what you do!”

Congratulations Keith on living out your purpose and persona daily and “Encouraging Transformation” in those around you!


Meet Robert, his purpose is to “Ignite Innovation”

Today, Dr. Robert Murphy is the Chief Engineer at SADAR 3D, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Murphy attended the Purpose Workshop in January 2013 as a job seeker, and then continued on to the Career Transformation Workshop just a short time later. He describes feeling “alive again” as he now works on his purpose to “Ignite Innovation.” Dr. Murphy realized through the workshops that employers are not nearly as interested in what you have done in the past as they are in what you can do for them in the future. Armed with this new strategy, he set his sights on the job he wanted, re-built his LinkedIn profile summary around his persona as a builder-solver, and connected with as many recruiters as he could on LinkedIn. Just a few weeks after re-branding his profile, a recruiter contacted him with his dream job. Dr. Murphy knew without a doubt that he was the best candidate for the job at SADAR 3D, Inc. and the opportunity was so perfect that he focused on the position he wanted and everything else fell into place.

 According to Robert, one of the key tactics he used was focusing on the statistics of where jobs are located for specific types of companies. Focus on smaller companies; do not waste time with job boards, those positions are usually already filled. Dr. Murphy believes that finding your purpose and identifying your persona are critical to being truly successful. We couldn¹t agree more at Succeed On Purpose. Finding your purpose and identifying your persona are the first steps to living a life fulfilled!

Meet Coretta, Her purpose is to “Encourage and Develop”

It took some time, but Coretta finally found her path to serving the world based on her true purpose! According to Coretta, “It’s not at all what I expected, but I sure do enjoy it!”

Like so many of us, Coretta went through the typical corporate-American layoff, and afterwards spent a lot of time trying to replace the scenario she had grown comfortable with. But after taking the Purpose Workshop, she began her journey toward truly working on her purpose. She found that her passions centered on finding ways to help children find their voice, to enable them to speak up for themselves and give them a platform on which to be seen, heard and understood.
One of the most valuable transformations that occurred for Coretta as she went through the workshop was an expansion of her viewpoint on what was possible. As she put it, “The Purpose Workshop made me open to new opportunities I previously would have not considered.” 
Its been a long and winding road, but exciting new twists happen every day – just recently Coretta’s company “3D Discovery” was selected as one of just 15 companies for Capital One’s Getting Down to Business program. This opportunity will allow Coretta to take her business to a whole new level, positively impacting the lives of children all across the Metroplex!


Meet Tonyi, her purpose is to “Inspire Youth”

“I realized when I was in my previous job that the job was no longer for me. I had to make a change. I attended the Purpose Workshop, which helped me solidify my purpose into a succinct statement. I was able to see where I am gifted and think outside of the box about how to pursue my gifts and passions. I always thought I might open a preschool and at the workshop I received numerous ideas of how I might take that idea forward. I also developed a product that fit my purpose.

I participated in Business Launch because I knew I was a “builder” and I wanted to explore the possibility of taking my product to market. Business Launch helped me fine-tune my vision, sharpen my direction and develop a course of action. It was phenomenal working with like-minded individuals who were also working on their business ideas.

I am excited about what is to come. There are a lot of unknowns but I feel in my heart that I am equipped to handle whatever comes my way. I am more focused and dedicated after taking the Purpose Workshop and Launch on Purpose. I expect my new product to serve and inspire kids in the classroom and get them more engaged with learning. I am excited to see how the product changes people’s lives.”

Meet Doug, his purpose is to Serve.

I saw Terri Maxwell present and thought she was so far ahead of everyone else in just the way she thinks and how she communicates about the world of work. She talked about working for and leaving a big corporation. I decided to take the Purpose Workshop. I learned that we all have a tendency to focus on job postings and say “I could do that”. Then we change our resume to match the job that we could do but we probably don’t want to do. The Purpose Workshop was refreshing because the focus was on what I really wanted to do with my passions and strengths.

I had been in sales for years but what I learned was that the customer service aspect of the selling process was what I enjoyed most. The Purpose Workshop helped me gain confidence in my direction and purpose. I also took Career Transformation and learned specifics about how to position myself for doors of opportunities to open. I learned to face my fears about working for a smaller company and doing contract work. This was like breaking the mold for me but it continues to help me in opening doors.

I highly recommend the Purpose Workshop to gain a perspective on work and life. Defining my purpose made it worth it for me. I found my Succeed On Purpose experience to be liberating.