Everything starts with PURPOSE.

Who We Are

Our Vision: We fuel the quest for MORE!

Just like you, one day we woke up and realized we deserved more. So we built a transformational roadmap and a series of tools to guide ourselves, and now you, to professional success and personal joy.

Succeed On Purpose started with an awakening: There had to be a way to do meaningful work, and earn good money. There had to be a way to get MORE out of life.

Over the last decade we perfected that system and now offer it through an affordable On-Demand Training Platform, as well as Live In-Person Workshops, and Virtual Coaching Programs.

How We Serve

All programs are designed to accelerate success and inspire your potential!

Our programs are focused in four areas:

1) Discovery Program: The First Step to GET REALTired of a career that lacks passion and meaning? Tired of doing work to just earn a living? Not sure what your purpose is, or what type of career or business to launch?  In this program, you will Find your why, as well as your career persona (what work you enjoy doing) and then evaluate careers and businesses to fit WHO YOU ARE. In addition, we’ll introduce you to Success Excelerator™ so you can find that inner champion and achieve your highest potential.

2) Career Transformation Program: We offer professionals an innovative and proven vehicle to reinvent your career. This program guarantees meaningful work, and ensures that you transform your career from doing what you know, to doing what you love! In addition, we’ll introduce you Success Excelerator™ so you can find your inner champion and achieve your highest potential.  53% of graduates find meaningful work in 90 days or less, 74% in 120 days or less. If you want success AND meaning, this program is for you.

3) Business Launch Program: For new business owners, solopreneurs and virtualpreneurs, we offer you a path to financial security. You won’t learn how to write a business plan, but you will learn how to launch a business effectively through the ultimate “Preneur Training System.” Business success is a small step away and we guarantee your success.

4) Personal Transformation: We offer several exciting programs to ignite your potential and allow you to fulfill your dreams. From Accelerating Abundance™ to the powerful Success Excelerator™ series, we will teach you how to BE MORE as a way of having more. We also offer a powerful, life-changing program called Pure Confidence™, which will literally unchain you from the barriers that are holding you back from living the life you dream about.

Our programs are available in several formats:


For those who are ready to get started NOW, we offer most of our programs ON-DEMAND.

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Small Group and 1-on-1 Coaching Programs

All of our programs are available in Small Group Coaching Programs (Usually 15-20 participants) and 1-on-1 Coaching for truly customized needs.
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Live Workshops

We offer quarterly workshops in several US Cities.

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Our books are available on our website and also on Amazon.com.

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About Terri Maxwell, Succeed On Purpose Founder:

Terri woke up and realized that she wanted more. She wanted to make money serving others. Today, she is President and CEO of Share On Purpose Inc. where she built and launched several firms that accelerate business growth, and transform companies into great places to work.

Succeed On Purpose was Terri’s first concept. The tools we use are the same tools she used to fuel her own quest for more. Through her own journey, Terri build Succeed On Purpose into a powerful training platform that helps professionals Get Real, Be You and Have More.