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Meaningful Money™ – Learn How to Get Paid to Do What You Love

Cost: $39

Tired of a career that lacks passion and meaning? Tired of doing work to just earn a living? Not sure what your purpose is, or what type of career or business to launch?

In this 6-Module On Demand Training Course, we will teach you how to FIND your purpose, as well as your career persona (what work you enjoy doing) and then evaluate careers and businesses to fit WHO YOU ARE. Our research has proven that professionals who seek work based on who they are at the core are more successful and find their work more joyful and more meaningful.

In addition, we’ll introduce you to Success Excelerator™ so you can find that inner champion and achieve your highest potential.  Success Guaranteed!

Career Transformation: Find Meaningful Work NOW

Cost: $59

Ok, so now that you know your purpose and your work persona, and you’ve identified that working for a company, rather than for yourself best suits who you are…now it’s time to find a company who will value who you are (yes, it’s possible) and also maximize your natural gifts.

The old way of finding work (via job boards) no longer works, and it’s rare that you’ll find a company who offers meaningful work and a great culture.

In this 6-Module On Demand Training Course, we will teach you how to build a professional brand that differentiates you from everyone else, how to target the best companies effectively, as well as how to brand yourself in a way that gets you noticed. Finally, we’ll show you our proven interview formula for the best chance at getting the job you want! (Note: 74% of our graduates find meaningful work in just a few months!)

In addition, we’ll expand on the Success Excelerator™ tools so you can find that inner champion and achieve your highest potential.  Your success is guaranteed!

Business Launch – Learn How to Launch a Purposeful Business

Cost: $89 – Reserve a Seat in our Pilot Program


Success Excelerator™


If you’ve taken any of our programs, you’ve been introduced to our powerful Success Excelerator™ methodology!

Success Excelerator is a proven methodology for achieving your goals and accelerating the path to success.

In this 6-Module On Demand Training Course, we will ensure you put your purpose into action to accelerate an abundant life. In addition to learning how to get clear on what it is that you want, and how to align your actions, beliefs, desires and expectations to accelerate success. In addition, you’ll learn how to BUILD belief and confidence as you move closer and closer to achieving your desires. Most importantly, your focus will shift towards maximizing your highest potential.

Accelerating Abundance – How to Accelerate Your Ability to Attract Financial Success


What’s the biggest benefit of a Purpose-filled professional life? Abundance. That’s right…impactful, soul-stirring abundance in every dimension of your life (especially money).

In this 6-Module On Demand Training Course, you’ll learn how to improve the speed with which you attract abundance in your life as well as how to PROVE to yourself that the Law of Attraction actually works!

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