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5 Ways to Propel Your Personal Transformation

  Have you ever been told to put yourself first? Typically, the focus on personal growth and transformation comes up in time of crisis, during January resolutions, or big birthdays. While a person’s desire to be happier, richer, and healthier is not a seasonal aspiration or an “as-needed” activity, a majority of people do not […]

Positive Intent – A Missing Ingredient for Personal Joy

We all know that quality relationships are a huge driver of personal satisfaction. When we have fulfilling relationships – in our family, neighborhood, friend groups or work community, we genuinely FEEL happier. So, if relationships make us happy, how can we improve those relationships, to experience more fulfillment and more joy? What is it about […]

Success and Cars: Driving Toward Success

Success is one of the most elusive and least understood concepts in our world. Second only to “love”, success is written about, preached about, taught, and lusted after, yet remains one of the most difficult concepts to explain. Much like love, success is relative and we each define it differently. For me, Success is FREEDOM […]

5 Easy Ways to Spend More Time on Personal Growth in 2018

Personal growth isn’t just for January. At the start of the New Year, everyone wants to be happier, richer, and healthier, and everyone has thoughts on how to get there. By February, however, the majority of people have given up and returned to their old ways. If you want to move forward and become the […]