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5 Laws of Career Karma

If there is one thing I know for sure, the concept of karma is REAL. If you’re not familiar with karma, it’s quite simple. Karma is the spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of a person influencethe future of that individual. Karma suggests that our thoughts and actions are the […]

Get Real – And Find Your Thing (Now!)

The DOW is at record highs, the Fed announced a rate hike last quarter, and signaled that subsequent rate hikes could occur later this year. To the untrained eye, it appears the U.S. economy is healthy. Consequently, most professionals believe their job is secure and some feel it is safe to start looking for a […]

Reality Shouldn’t Bite (As Long As It’s Your Reality You’re Living)

Are you sick of it yet? Feeling inadequate, feeling untethered, feeling like there is more, but you can’t figure out where? It’s difficult in a world where reality is augmented, virtual and created, where everyone’s opinion becomes “fact” and facts are well, a matter of opinion. And in all of this noise, there you are, […]

The Power of No

When I started my own Succeed On Purpose journey, and built what is now the Share On Purpose portfolio of companies, I willingly took risks in search for inner joy as well as financial success. Armed with the belief that I could do anything, I decided to risk almost everything on the concept of meaningful […]

Love Yourself First

I remember THE weekend like it was yesterday. A transformational blow was knocking on my life, and by the end of this particular weekend my world would look dramatically different. Although I had spent years working on confidence and healing the “not good enough” voice that plagued my consciousness, something was still very wrong inside. […]

Mindset Matters: How to Achieve Your 2017 Goals

There is a deep part of us that aches for more. More success, more joy, more health and more meaning to our lives. These desires are natural and soulful. To increase success on the journey to “more,” we must focus on the mind in such a way that we are consciously aware, and directing the mind to […]

Grown-up Christmas Wish

I’ve always been an Amy Grant fan, and one song, “My Grown Up Christmas List,” is a favorite. There are times when the lyrics ring eerily true. During last year’s annual business planning, market research indicated that 2016 would be quite challenging. I mentioned this in several blog and Facebook posts throughout the year. After […]

The Peace Pact

  I’ve now participated in over 12 elections, voting for some democrats, as well as several Republicans. Each election was more contentious than the one before, as politicians fought over the 2-5% of the population that isn’t firmly entrenched and divided. This saddens me. There has to be a better way.  Maybe it’s not the […]